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Arsh Aggarwal

Hi, I'm Arsh, the founder of High School Intern. Currently, I'm a junior at The Haverford School. I like playing tennis, golf, and hanging out with friends in my free time. 

My Story

In the spring of my sophomore year in high school, I'd started to think about ways I could make my summer more productive. I started looking for internships or research opportunities and was amazed at the difficulty I was having tracking down even one position or website that didn't require me to be a high school graduate. I realized that I would have to seek out my own opportunities and find the contact information of anybody with whom I wanted to intern.

Out of the 43 emails I sent out to various businesses and people, I only got 2 replies back. The first said "No, we do not accept interns in high school." The second, luckily enough for me, said, "Hmmm, sounds interesting. When can you start?" 


After realizing how lucky I had been to even have gotten one response, I set out to create something that would prevent all the stress and waiting time associated with finding internships as a high school student. 


Interested in joining the project?

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