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Tips for Writing a Successful Message

  1. Introduce yourself. The best way to start a cold email is simply to introduce yourself. Remember, the person you are emailing does not know you, so tell them a little bit about who you are and what your interests are. 

  2. Tailor the message to the employer. One of the most important things to do in a cold email is show the employer why you are truly passionate about the internship they are offering. Explain to them skills that you wish to learn or why their business is the best fit for you. They will feel more motivated to help you if they feel uniquely qualified to do so. 

  3. Keep it brief. Another thing that goes a long way in cold emails is keeping it short. Many of the places you will be applying to are busy offices that keep tight hours, and the last thing that anybody working there needs is another lengthy email to read. Sentences should be concise, and the entire message should be at most 5 sentences.

    1. Example outline

      1. Introductory sentence

      2. Explain why you are writing (you want to intern with the person/company). Briefly mention when you want to intern (example message sentence 2).

      3. Explain what about the company/field excites you. What do they have to offer you? 

      4. What can you offer them? Think about the skills you listed in your profile or, even more importantly, how much you really want the internship. How can you show the employer even a fraction of your passion?

  4. Example message. This is by no means a template that will work for every field and every company, but just an example that keeps all of the aforementioned tips in mind.


Hi Mr. Doe,


My name is Henry Smith, and I am a high school student at The Hogwarts School. I'm writing to see if there was a possibility of me interning with you this summer. I've always had a great passion for cars and admire the high standards of excellence your dealership sets for itself. Now, I want to get a peek behind the curtain and explore the intricacies of sales in the automotive industry. I'm really interested in learning more and would appreciate the opportunity.




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